On Vulnerability



On Vulnerability


15 x 22 cm


On Vulnerability is the first publication from Antihero Press, released in January 2019. The zine is a curation of images from artists around the world celebrating vulnerability in quiet moments through photography. Originally inspired by a talk titled 'On Vulnerability' given by the writer, Busra Erkara, the zine aims to find a commonality of tone and theme through a compilation of artists and genres.

Featured artists: Reggie McCafferty, Damien Maloney, Marcel Merwin, Kate Stone, Gillian Zinser, Lucie Rox, Yosigo, Taylor McIntyre, Dino Kuznik, Bastian Thiery, Valentine Furtwangler, David Möller, Aaron Stern, Bea De Giacomo, Boe Marion, Travis Rainey, Corey Bao Nguyen, J. Turk, Annie Powers, David Lurvey, Monet Lucki, Kyle Weeks, Phil Donohue, and David Foster Nass.


Curated by Mathea Millman and designed by Jessica Solitrin